5 Recruitment Agencies to See the World With

You may be reading this at your desk. Maybe on the treadmill at lunch. Perhaps while your kids are busy redecorating the living room with crayons. Absolutely loving life. And on top of that, your to-do list’s getting longer than your bucket list. But your job doesn’t have to hold you back. Recruitment’s a line of work in which seeing the world isn’t just a nice to have. But a very real possibility.


Hunted Worldwide: Dubai

My family moved to Dubai when I was six months old. A long time before the Marina existed. We lived in Jumeirah. Mainly because that’s all there really was at the time. Nowhere near as many people as there are now. Lots of drives across desert roads. One or two shopping malls with not a lot in them. You get the idea. I’ve seen it go from a place without a skyscraper in sight, to a bona fide metropolis where the tallest building on the planet dominates the skyline.


How To Overcome Fear

Fear of not having a better year than last year. Fear of the fifty-fifty candidate taking a counter. Fear of what’s going on with all those processes that haven’t moved since Christmas. Fear’s a potent feeling. And a lot of the time, an unfounded one. But knowing that won’t stop it affecting your decision making. So if you’re anxious about the year ahead – or outright fearful for what the future holds for your business – I always find it’s best to hear from someone who’s been there a few times. Tim Ferriss knows a bit about fear.


Why Two Heads Are Better Than One In Recruitment

Talking about running a business and actually doing it are two very different things. And if you were to make the leap, you’d want a pal jumping with you. I went to meet Craig Davies at Orbis Consultants in their WeWork office in Aldgate. Craig co-founded a digital, tech, data and FS agency alongside his friend, Wayne Hilditch.