Recruitment Advertising: Why No One Clicks Your Job Ads

In Ancient Egypt, papyrus was used to make ads. This same material, found in Ancient Greece. And in Ancient Rome. And in these ads they used images. Why? Because, firstly, not everyone could read. So including images made them more inclusive. But also, even back then, thousands of years ago, they knew the appeal of images to their audience. Images capture attention. They intrigue. Which is, the main intention of any ad, ever placed.


How to Sell a Retainer

I bet there’s one thing you struggle with more than anything else. I bet it’s the same thing the vast majority of recruiters, all over the world, struggle with. Namely, not working for free. How many times have you picked up a role from a client, ran straight to the phone and started working like a busy little mouse without any idea of whether you’re going to get the fee? I’d guess, if you’re a contingency recruiter it happens daily.