The Recruitment Reading List: January 2020

It’s the fifteenth week of January. And while it’s a bit late to be talking about resolutions at this stage, there are still eleven months of 2020 to go. Despite January apparently lasting four of them. Cultivate better habits. Make the most of your downtime. Learn something new. Books are a good way to do all of the above. And they’re cheap. Well, relatively speaking. See there’s a hidden ROI to reading.


How To Build Your Personal Brand in Five Minutes a Day

When you spend your days juggling jobs, meeting with clients and candidates, and (we hope) trying to offer a high-quality experience to the dozens of candidates that you are dealing with at any given time, it’s easy to put building your personal brand on the back-burner. But, contrary to popular belief, building your personal brand doesn’t need to be a hugely time-consuming task for recruiters.


How To Build The Best Candidate Journey

The candidate journey’s a term that describes the quality of service Recruiters provide to applicants, as well as the physical steps in a recruitment process. This article explores how to build a workflow that delivers an exemplary candidate journey, from turning the heads of passive candidates through to making placements and beyond.


How To Change Someone’s Mind

From candidates with cold feet to clients with closed ears, there are plenty of occasions that test your influencing skills in recruitment. This article looks at the results of a study into online arguments to find that there are certain similarities among the successful ones. We explore whether it’s possible, and what you can do, to change someone’s mind in recruitment.