Your Best BD Strategy? Make Your Client Uncomfortable

Consultants can get caught in the trap of asking questions when they’re building rapport, and forming solutions based on these answers by pitching their service as better, faster, cheaper. A recent survey by analytics company Gong showed business owners actually dislike that kind of patter from salespeople. And when a salesperson launches into a conversation with a load of questions right off the bat, it puts their back up. The principle behind the Challenger Sale technique is that you already know your client’s needs.


How To Battle Burnout

Jolt’s known as “the business school for the self-made”.

A lot of their students are high performing, Type A, entrepreneurial folk. People with a lot on their plate who don’t just tolerate pressure, but thrive on it.

There are plenty of parallels between Recruiters and entrepreneurs, not least that both lead lifestyles which should make them more susceptible to burnout.

We went to an event organised by Hunted legend Nina Gordon, Marketing Manager at Jolt, to learn how to battle it.


What To Do If You’re Let Go

Sometimes, there’s no rhyme or reason for a Recruiter falling short in a particular environment. You will in your time, have worked alongside Recruiters who are top biller material. You may see them bill huge numbers in one place and then struggle in a new environment. Why? There could be many reasons. If however, you’ve been caught out, a once friendly hand, will rest on your shoulder accompanied by the whisper “have you got five minutes for a chat?”