What’s The Point Of Posting On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s become a bin for a handful of supremely dedicated bullshit merchants “influencers” to peddle stories they’ve either plagiarised or fabricated. Micromanagement’s bad. Caring’s good. Hire whoever’s soaking wet because they walked to the interview in the rain. And it never really gets more complicated than that. Except there’s an uplifting anecdote attached. And it’ll contort your toes. Not least because it’s picked up over a thousand likes in a matter of hours. But because of who the hero is. That’s right. You’ve guessed it. It’s them.


Why You Should Quit Right Now

If you ask virtually any business owner in recruitment you’ll know that employee retention is the number one difficulty in growing a business. This is because there’s an incredible amount of choice in this industry and many people realise when the writing’s on the wall. Some people don’t however. Whether driven on by dogged determination or a desire not to rock the boat, the world of job hunting in recruitment can be a daunting one to enter unwittingly, without having planned thoroughly.


How To Change Someone’s Mind

From candidates with cold feet to clients with closed ears, there are plenty of occasions that test your influencing skills in recruitment. This article looks at the results of a study into online arguments to find that there are certain similarities among the successful ones. We explore whether it’s possible, and what you can do, to change someone’s mind in recruitment.