How I Changed Career And How You Can Too

When I was young, I dreamt of being a writer. One of those pipe dreams I thought would never happen. Especially as it was one of many pipe dreams I had. Being a musician was one. If I could work out how to do it without being famous. Snowboarding another. But as handy as I was when I was 16, I had more chance of winning the lottery. And I never bought a ticket. Before long the dream was dead and buried.


The Secret To Working With RPOs

An RPO wasn’t even really a thing until the early 2000s. Then someone decided that recruitment would be better if *checks notes* everyone just ignored their emails and deleted voicemails without listening to them. Agency recruiters aren’t the biggest fans of the RPOs. Some speculate whether they should just be automated. Others told me they “completely annihilate the art of recruitment”.


What Are Your Options If You Get The Sack?

Sometimes, there’s no rhyme or reason for a Recruiter falling short in a particular environment. You will in your time, have worked alongside Recruiters who are top biller material. You may see them bill huge numbers in one place and then struggle in a new environment. Why? There could be many reasons. If however, you’ve been caught out, a once friendly hand, will rest on your shoulder accompanied by the whisper “have you got five minutes for a chat?”


Bigger the Company, Smaller the Commission?

There are plenty of reasons to consider the size of an employer when you’re looking for a new job. This article will give you reasons to consider a blue chip company. And this article will highlight everything you need to know about a smaller business. There are positives and negatives to each of course, much of it will depend on how you see your career and immediate to short-term aspirations.


Why Would You Join a Small Recruitment Company?

In a previous article on Hunted, we covered 6 Reasons to Join a Large Company, which highlighted all of the benefits you could gain from joining a ‘blue chip’ agency. Whatever stage of your recruitment career you’re at. In this article, we’re reversing the advice and offering the many benefits you can gain by joining a small boutique recruitment company. And there are lots out there.


How to Climb The Recruitment Career Ladder

Your current employer wants you to be successful. Fairly obviously, the more successful you are, the more they are. But I’m going to drop a bit of a bombshell on you. Jobs for life don’t exist any more. There’s definitely a correlation between recruiters who stay in a business for a decent length of time and consistently high billings. But if you think this is the last job you’ll ever have, you’re mistaken.