What To Do If You’re Let Go

Sometimes, there’s no rhyme or reason for a Recruiter falling short in a particular environment. You will in your time, have worked alongside Recruiters who are top biller material. You may see them bill huge numbers in one place and then struggle in a new environment. Why? There could be many reasons. If however, you’ve been caught out, a once friendly hand, will rest on your shoulder accompanied by the whisper “have you got five minutes for a chat?”


The Benefit of Co-Working Spaces

As the world becomes increasingly agile, so too do the agencies doing business in it. And since about 2005, a new way of working’s emerged.

A more social, flexible, collaborative way of working.

Co-working was originally designed to provide freelancers with a home away from home. Now, the spaces have evolved into the office-type of choice for the modern Recruiter.


5 Recruitment Agencies: Best Of Manchester

Most people not from Manchester know it as just Manchester. A big-ish city full of football teams, bands, and mackintoshes.

One cool fact about the place is they have worker bees on all the bollards and the occasional statue, to represent the people who live there having hard work running through their veins.

And another thing you may know about the city is how they stand united in times of crisis.

There’s unique brands of recruitment being done here. And these agencies will give you a look at recruitment in five distinct areas of the world’s first industrialised city.