Are You a Good Recruiter?

Are you a good recruiter? You probably think you are. You’re a recruiter after all. But how good are you really? What with the inescapable financial element of this biz, you’ll have a number against your name from day one. And hey, you might be top biller? Perhaps you’ve billed £300k? Maybe £500k? But how good does that make you? In some agencies it makes you very good. In others, you’d be average.


Internal Recruiter: The Most Important Role in Your Agency

I need to be careful here. So I’ll start with this caveat, I’m not tarring every internal recruiter with the sh*t brush. I know there are some amazing ones out there because I’ve spoken to them with Hunted. But… yeah, there’s a but… there’s a worrying trend in recruitment. Namely hiring the latest poor performer as Internal Recruiter. An interior realignment of talent.


How to Become a Million Pound Biller

However successful you are right now, there’s always room for progress. You might be top biller at your current employer. Even if you’re billing more than everyone you know, you’re not the best recruiter you could be. The good news is, getting a mentor will improve your work and as a by-product, your success.


How to Fight Sexism in Your Job

There’s prejudice in a lot of areas of business. And recruitment’s unfortunately no different. There’s a historical element to a lot of the issues. This explains sexism more than other problems. Even now, at time of writing this, there’s a huge amount more males in senior positions than there are females.


Should Recruiters Use Robots?

One of the main arguments for using recruitment robots or chatbots is to free up time to focus on other tasks. The counter argument is the technology doesn’t compare to a human, and therefore isn’t worth paying for. Most chatbots work like messaging apps and are predominantly designed to help with screening and scheduling.