Ed Hunter: Imagine a World Without Recruiters

Life’s tough as a recruiter. Plenty of people wish you didn’t exist. Just ask anyone on LinkedIn. Ask your clients’ FD? Or the last candidate annoyed by your inability to fit their square peg into a client’s round hole. If you’re anything like me, your own parents will question your existence on a semi-regular basis.


Ed Hunter: It’s All About Timing

To be good at recruitment you need to gauge probability. You have to be comfortable pissing in the wind, knowing the direction’s probably gonna change. It’s this thinking which leads you to label your clients. Some clients are A clients. Some are Z. In a lot agencies it goes A,B,C, Z. I know what you’re thinking… why not D? No one knows.


Ed hunter: The Deal Vinci Code (Part Two)

It was pointed out to me after the deal Vinci code part one that it’s not just in our offices that we have to decipher code. And you know what… you’re right it’s everywhere! In emails, online, in faxes… Ok maybe not through fax anymore. So here is The Deal Vinci code Part Two.


Ed Hunter: Stealer of Staff

There’s a certain amount of irony to be had in a recruitment company begrudging you from “stealing their staff”. Nonetheless, that’s the strange situation I found myself in recently. This because I sent a note to a mate asking how things were going. His boss saw the message. And in no time at all I found myself knee deep in an argument with someone I’ve never met.


Ed Hunter: An Advertisement for Recruitment

I had a rant at shit ads on LinkedIn this week. Mainly because I’m bored of seeing ‘fantastic opportunity’ a thousand times a day. But also, because ads aren’t difficult. Here’s a tip… think about who’s reading them. Why would they they think it’s a fantastic opportunity? Because if you don’t know, you probably shouldn’t be a recruiter. To prove how easy it is, I’ve redone some old classics.