Ed Hunter: Dear Prime Minister

Honestly, I’m sick of offering ground-breaking advice to get constantly ignored. It’s like the people don’t know how much I can offer. Take this Brexit nonsense. Whether you agree with it or not, put a recruiter in charge of negotiations and the whole thing would’ve been wrapped up in an afternoon. The nation would’ve been slamming J√•gerbombs, toasting another great deal.


Ed Hunter: Head In The Clouds

A year or so ago, I sent an application to SpaceX to see whether they’d respond to a cracking cover letter. They didn’t disappoint. And if you’ve seen their reply, I’d imagine that’s why you’re here today. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.


Ed Hunter: Lost in Translation

The world’s a smaller place these days. That probably has something to do with global warming. But because we’re able to chat with compatriots from all over the world on a whim, language skills are more important. You need to know what others are saying, despite their nationality.


Ed Hunter: Who Wants To Be a Recruiter?

Everyone wants to be a Millionaire. Only a few ever make it. Slightly less people want to be recruiters. Not sure why, they’re pretty much the same thing. To be a recruiter is to be rich in so many ways. So here’s a quiz, done in a fresh, en vogue format, to help you along the journey of your career…


Ed Hunter: An Ode to Clients

Recruitment would be quite decent if it wasn’t for clients. Or candidates. Or your boss. Or recruiters. But here we are. We’re all in it together and making your clients like you is about all you can do to make money in this bleak wilderness. So send them this letter of thanks to show your heartfelt appreciation.


Ed Hunter: Imagine a World Without Recruiters

Life’s tough as a recruiter. Plenty of people wish you didn’t exist. Just ask anyone on LinkedIn. Ask your clients’ FD? Or the last candidate annoyed by your inability to fit their square peg into a client’s round hole. If you’re anything like me, your own parents will question your existence on a semi-regular basis.