Redemption for Redundant Recruiters in the UK?

It’s hard to start articles at the moment. I’m reticent to start articles with the same tagline prefacing every internet statement at the moment. The… “Theses are strange times…” or more common, and more ominous “unprecedented times…” But they are. And last week I’d imagine, was close to the worst week in recruitment for a large percentage of recruiters reading this. This week’s probably a close second.


A Huge List of Things to Help Parents Work from Home

Sometimes you really love having the kids around. They play nicely. They’re kind, considerate. They tell you they love you. They eat their dinner and do their homework. They’re good kids, really. The best thing you’ve ever made in fact. They’re part of you and without alternative, the most important thing in your life. Sadly, none of the above is going to make the next few months easier.


Why You Never Have Enough Time

If you’ve been online in the last ten years, you’ll have seen the really smashing analogy of having £86,400 in your bank pondering whether it would ruin your day if someone stole a tenner. The analogy of course is time. There are 86400 seconds in a day. Fairly obviously, I’m not going to steal that tired cliché in this article. The first thousand people to do so, probably annoyed you for longer than that.