Are You a Good Recruiter?

Are you a good recruiter? You probably think you are. You’re a recruiter after all. But how good are you really? What with the inescapable financial element of this biz, you’ll have a number against your name from day one. And hey, you might be top biller? Perhaps you’ve billed £300k? Maybe £500k? But how good does that make you? In some agencies it makes you very good. In others, you’d be average.


Internal Recruiter: The Most Important Role in Your Agency

I need to be careful here. So I’ll start with this caveat, I’m not tarring every internal recruiter with the sh*t brush. I know there are some amazing ones out there because I’ve spoken to them with Hunted. But… yeah, there’s a but… there’s a worrying trend in recruitment. Namely hiring the latest poor performer as Internal Recruiter. An interior realignment of talent.


Why You Should Quit Right Now

If you ask virtually any business owner in recruitment you’ll know that employee retention is the number one difficulty in growing a business. This is because there’s an incredible amount of choice in this industry and many people realise when the writing’s on the wall. Some people don’t however. Whether driven on by dogged determination or a desire not to rock the boat, the world of job hunting in recruitment can be a daunting one to enter unwittingly, without having planned thoroughly.


How To Be Happy

I’ve written before about mental wellbeing on Hunted. We’ve also started a campaign to look at mental health in recruitment. Because at the end of the day, if you’re not enjoying this job, it becomes laborious. In fact, if you’re not enjoying anything it becomes hard work.


How To Survive A Performance Review

It’s that time of year. Performance reviews are rearing their ugly head. At some point in your first or second week back you’ll get a diary invitation for an hour long meeting. Your prior twelve months of work is being analysed. And in recruitment, there aren’t many places you can hide. So, to make sure you get away unscathed, here’s a timely refresher on how you can make your review a winner.