Cherish The Struggle

This has been the hardest year of my life. As I write this, I’m fresh off the back of my third spinal surgery in a little over 6 months. Why am I telling you this? Well, firstly, after starting the mental health initiative Hope You’re Well with Hunted, I promised to write about things like this regularly. Not just for Mental Health Week. And not for any other reason than normalising it. Therefore, the first part of this article centres around this statement: It’s been a struggle.


Stay At Home Parents: An Untapped Resource?

Parents and careers don’t often mix well. In recruitment, you’re likely to spend a lot of time on the phone. And the thought of trying to make a BD call while an upset baby screams in the background would make even the best recruiter shudder. It makes sense then for parents to make a choice when a stork knocks at the door.


The Death of Recruitment

While some people think that agency recruitment is dying, it’s not the case. The industry is growing at a staggering rate. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) found that the recruitment industry hit a record turnover of £28.7 billion for the financial year 2013/2014 – set to grow by a predicted 9.6% between 2015/2016.


Never Have Enough Time? Here’s How To Change That

If you’ve been online in the last ten years, you’ll have seen the really smashing analogy of having £86,400 in your bank pondering whether it would ruin your day if someone stole a tenner. The analogy of course is time. There are 86400 seconds in a day. Fairly obviously, I’m not going to steal that tired cliché in this article. The first thousand people to do so, probably annoyed you for longer than that.


How To Unwind After a Stressful Day

Ahh the day in the life of a recruiter. Some days you rise gently and the sun’s already waiting. A random playlist throws out a banger as your pace hits the beat. Your legendary local barista hands you a coffee… “It’s on us today pal. Enjoy!” You get to the crossing as the green man greets you. Without breaking pace, you smile. It’s going to be ‘one of those days.’


How I Changed Career And How You Can Too

When I was young, I dreamt of being a writer. One of those pipe dreams I thought would never happen. Especially as it was one of many pipe dreams I had. Being a musician was one. If I could work out how to do it without being famous. Snowboarding another. But as handy as I was when I was 16, I had more chance of winning the lottery. And I never bought a ticket. Before long the dream was dead and buried.


Why Your KPIs are Outdated

‘Key Performance Indicators’ in recruitment have a purpose. They indicate the performance of the individual. On an overwhelming basis, the best indicator for this metric is the financial performance on the sales board. Some recruitment companies will have certain KPIs that are regimented and universal to every consultant in the company. This is possibly the least strategic sales approach going in the industry today.


Before You Pick up the Phone in 2019, Read This

If you kept up with us last year you’ll know there’s a raft of content from Hunted all designed to assist with your job. Have a refresh if you’ve not seen it. But, 2018’s over. Whether you billed brilliantly in the last twelve months or didn’t, it’s time to look forward at 2019 and welcome it with open arms. Because before you can blink, we’ll be looking back at this year too. So you may as well be prepared.