The State Of Recruitment In 2019

It’s tough to find one agreeable source of clarity on the state of recruitment today. There are plenty of dissenting voices, ours included. And so the challenge becomes cutting through the noise. We went to the Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham last week. Plenty of free merch, product demos, and keynotes flying about. I went to as many talks as I could, and felt like I came away with a pretty decent snapshot of where the industry’s at currently. And where it’s going.


Why Two Heads Are Better Than One In Recruitment

Talking about running a business and actually doing it are two very different things. And if you were to make the leap, you’d want a pal jumping with you. I went to meet Craig Davies at Orbis Consultants in their WeWork office in Aldgate. Craig co-founded a digital, tech, data and FS agency alongside his friend, Wayne Hilditch.


How To Battle Burnout

Jolt’s known as “the business school for the self-made”.

A lot of their students are high performing, Type A, entrepreneurial folk. People with a lot on their plate who don’t just tolerate pressure, but thrive on it.

There are plenty of parallels between Recruiters and entrepreneurs, not least that both lead lifestyles which should make them more susceptible to burnout.

We went to an event organised by Hunted legend Nina Gordon, Marketing Manager at Jolt, to learn how to battle it.