Ed Hunter: Stealer of Staff

There’s a certain amount of irony to be had in a recruitment company begrudging you from “stealing their staff”. Nonetheless, that’s the strange situation I found myself in recently. This because I sent a note to a mate asking how things were going. His boss saw the message. And in no time at all I found myself knee deep in an argument with someone I’ve never met.


Ed Hunter: An Advertisement for Recruitment

I had a rant at shit ads on LinkedIn this week. Mainly because I’m bored of seeing ‘fantastic opportunity’ a thousand times a day. But also, because ads aren’t difficult. Here’s a tip… think about who’s reading them. Why would they they think it’s a fantastic opportunity? Because if you don’t know, you probably shouldn’t be a recruiter. To prove how easy it is, I’ve redone some old classics.


Dealing with a Head Hunt

There comes a time in your career when you receive your first head hunt. The first time it happens you’re shocked. Taken aback. A wave of emotion swarms around you. Is this a test? Has my boss set it up? Who’s watching me?


Ed Hunter: As Useful as a Glass Hammer

I don’t like publishing intimate details of my life on this blog. But as a recruiter, that’s where my humour lies. In the everyday scuffles and scrapes. The rucks and mauls that define the life of a rugby player recruiter. They explain better than I could ever manifest independently, just how crazy this job really is. It’s evident in LinkedIn posts. It’s evident in pissed off, masochistic notes left on the database. It’s evident in email chains. It’s evident in Glassdoor reviews. And it’s the last two of those today I’d like to reluctantly advertise.


Ed Hunter: Recruitment Flow Charts

It’s the age of information. The age of ignorance. The age of give me that thing, right f**king now, I WILL NOT WAIT ANY LONGER. And with the dawn of this age came people who find it hard to process information. They need it quick, to the point, and without waffle. So I’ve done some flow charts.


Ed Hunter: A Crushing Rejection

There used to be a common understanding amongst those of us in Agency. It was… anyone not good enough for our gruesome world could go on to do quite well ‘Internal’. You might see an old colleague, who didn’t cut the mustard, now spring up working for Facebook. Their title reads Talent Acquisition, where Senior Recruitment Expert once stood, ironically.