Ed Hunter: Literally Your Job

As you know by now, I’m really, really nice. In fact probably the nicest recruitment wolf you’re ever likely to meet. Which means I’ll go out of my way for strangers. Whether I know you or not, if you ask me for a favour, and it’s within my power, I’ll probably help you out.


Ed Hunter: The Recruitment Theme Park

It’s a rollercoaster this recruitment game. That’s what they say isn’t it. When I was a youngster I used to slam the phone down after another shit call. My head would drop and I’d curse the catalyst on the end of the phone, waxing lyrical to anyone who’d listen. A colleague would roll his eyes from the other side of the room. He’d look up and make a hand signal…


Ed Hunter: Your Real Recruitment Horoscope

As all keen astrologists will tell you, there are forces which govern the world around us that are hard to explain. Last week I spoke about one of these forces. Luck. That article’s here in case you missed it. Today though, I’d like to talk about another one. The astrology chart.


Ed Hunter: How To Be Lucky in Recruitment

You don’t get to where I am without a sizeable portion of luck along the way. “Luck Ed? But you’re the best recruiter in the world?!” you’ll splutter as you struggle to keep down your morning Jäger. And you’re probably right. I probably am the best. But I’m humble enough to accept that despite my millions in the bank, 9/ 10 mrs, massive house and huge endowment, I have been fortunate too.


Ed Hunter: Recruitment Statistics

Every Recruiter in the world’s aware how much statistics drive what we do. You’ll almost certainly know your own. Roughly how many hours you’ve spent on the phone this week. How many emails you’ve sent. How many times you’ve pretended to listen to your boss’s nonsense.


Ed Hunter’s Guide to Wellbeing

Everyone’s talking about wellbeing at the moment. And in my view, there’s no more apt industry for looking after your bonce than this one. Recruitment ain’t easy. Then there’s the functioning alcoholism. The 25 hour days. The stress. The meetings… my God the meetings.


Ed Hunter: From Humble Beginnings

The story of your recruitment company is one as old as time. It’s one you’ve heard many times. You might regale it to prospective clients during ‘BD hour’. It might be your USP? It might be on your website. It might be told to new starters, to ignite the fire in their very soul, before leading them out into the fray. Every story differs of course. In the fabric of their fibre, they’re different to the touch. But the premise is the same. A rags to riches story. “And hey world, look at us now!”


Ed Hunter’s Recruitment Office Star Chart

“Wow?! Another recruiter… let me guess… ‘you’re not actually as bad as the others?’ What d’you want? A gold star?” That’s word for word, verbatim what someone said to me the other day. The inevitable conversation (“So what do you do then?”) reared its ugly head. The angry young gentleman in question snapped his head round like an owl on speed and couldn’t tell me quickly enough why he hated recruiters.