Ed Hunter: A matter of empathy

It’s been a while since I shared an email

This was probably

But since everything happened this year, I thought I might turn over a new leaf.
I figured there’d be far fewer people getting angry on email.

And because of that I’d get less opportunity to go on the wind up.

I was wrong.


Ed Hunter: Little Miss Headhunter

If you’re British, Roger Hargreaves is a bit of a legend. His creations are as much a part of your childhood as regular beatings and repressed early trauma. And there’s a Mr Men or Little Miss character for most occasions. Of course, to a degree, Roger Hargreaves was merely stereotyping his friends and family. A discriminator. A man who saw just one quality in someone, and took them to the cleaners. A racial profiler.


Ed Hunter: Billing for Soup

You know by now I don’t mind sharing my regular email correspondence on this blog. The fact I’m able to hide my identity allows me to share more details of my life. That said, I’ve been contemplating whether to share this with you. I can’t think the person in question won’t immediately know it’s them once this blog goes up. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to share it anyway.