Top 5 Recruitment Agencies Saving Lives

I’ve always worked in the Rec2Rec industry. I’ve spent Monday to Friday for the best part of 6 years talking to recruiters and recruitment business owners. Do you know what that means? It means I have absolutely nothing to talk about at dinner parties.


Hacking LinkedIn’s Algorithm

Exactly how does the notorious LinkedIn algorithm work? And what can you do to boost your chances of getting a priority position in the newsfeed? This article looks at what Recruiters can do to build their network and boost the chances of going viral.


How to Become a Million Pound Biller

However successful you are right now, there’s always room for progress. You might be top biller at your current employer. Even if you’re billing more than everyone you know, you’re not the best recruiter you could be. The good news is, getting a mentor will improve your work and as a by-product, your success.


A Recruiter’s Guide: How to Work with Startups

We’ve previously given you the low-down on recruiting into Music and Ecommerce. Here, we look at recruiting into a startup. Given the fact I work for a startup, I can give you a pretty good insight into the ins and outs of how life works.


Ed Hunter: As Useful as a Glass Hammer

I don’t like publishing intimate details of my life on this blog. But as a recruiter, that’s where my humour lies. In the everyday scuffles and scrapes. The rucks and mauls that define the life of a rugby player recruiter. They explain better than I could ever manifest independently, just how crazy this job really is. It’s evident in LinkedIn posts. It’s evident in pissed off, masochistic notes left on the database. It’s evident in email chains. It’s evident in Glassdoor reviews. And it’s the last two of those today I’d like to reluctantly advertise.


How To Use Video In Recruitment

LinkedIn’s become the corporate equivalent of YouTube over the past year or so. Video job ads, video CVs, short films on knowledge sharing and employer branding. This article offers and advice on how to get the most out of your content.


5 Best Learning and Development Programmes in Recruitment

Recruitment’s hard enough when you know what you’re doing.

If you’ve been left to fend for your self since week 2, you’re gonna have a bad time.


The Recruitment Reading List: The Ad Special

Welcome back to another Recruitment Reading List, an article especially designed to assist your recruitment career. This time around we’re focusing on Marketing. If you don’t know already why that’s the case, you’re probably in the wrong game. Marketing is Recruitment. And Recruitment is Marketing. They’re one and the same.


Money Management: How to Spend Your Commission

The number one reason most recruiters are recruiters is financial reward. Sure, there’s a warm fuzzy feeling to be had in placing a genuinely deserving person in the job of their dreams. But nothing beats the warm fuzzy feeling of looking at a swollen bank balance either. Commission is king. Or, if not commission, the financial freedom that comes with high earning.


Ed Hunter: Recruitment Flow Charts

It’s the age of information. The age of ignorance. The age of give me that thing, right f**king now, I WILL NOT WAIT ANY LONGER. And with the dawn of this age came people who find it hard to process information. They need it quick, to the point, and without waffle. So I’ve done some flow charts.