How to Work From Home Without Going Mad

You ever find it’s the most surprising life events have the most profound repercussions? It’s never the stuff you plan, the things you work for or meticulously plot in detail. When I look back, the surprises have done the most to me. At the top of my ‘Things I Didn’t Expect’ list, would be a daft pedestrian stepping in front of me two years ago, cycling to work.


Ed Hunter: The KPI-Matic

Fancy another mid-week chuckle? Let’s face it, you’re working from home. There’s nobody looking over your shoulder. And every single one of us needs cheering up.


Ed Hunter: A police matter

Hullo again. You’ll know by now I like a wind up. And for no other reason than that, I’ve recently been writing letters to the government.


The ‘Secret Weapon’ Behind Netflix, Google DeepMind and Hopin

Seems impossible, doesn’t it? Being so good you’re able to make hundreds of hires in such a relatively small space of time. You might be reading this with years in the game, and are still yet to make your hundredth hire. It’s such a huge number.


Ed Hunter: Tintin and the Runaway Candidate

Been a while since I’ve done a cartoon spoof. You’ll remember my outing with Pingu, hopefully.

And if not Pingu, then The fight for Pride rock.

I thought it was time to do another one. And maybe it’s the year we’ve had, but I think they’re getting stranger.


Transgender Day of Remembrance

I realised on Friday (with some relief) that there are just 40 days left of 2020. And whilst I’ve fared better than many, it’s still a year I’ll be glad to see the back of.

But Friday was also Transgender Day of Remembrance- something that I’ve been reflecting on and wanting to acknowledge.


Ed Hunter: How to Make The Perfect WFH Office

Working from home. Wow. What a combo. There was a time when work and home were separate. When you could leave the angst and anguish of another awful day in the same four walls right where they belonged.


Ed Hunter: Recruiter FIRED after OnlyFans clip with Candidate AND Client goes viral

Ed Hunter, a former Catholic High School pupil, now recruiter, was abruptly let go from his job last month after a video surfaced on OnlyFans with BOTH a candidate and client, in a now viral, heated boardroom romp.


Ed Hunter: A matter of empathy

It’s been a while since I shared an email

This was probably

But since everything happened this year, I thought I might turn over a new leaf.
I figured there’d be far fewer people getting angry on email.

And because of that I’d get less opportunity to go on the wind up.

I was wrong.


Black History Month at Hunted

By virtue of being white I’m in a kind of club.

A club of fellow Brits who take credit for the invention of the flushing toilet and the discovery of penicillin.

A club whose members made their mark on the world without having to navigate persecution, discrimination or illiteracy.


Ed Hunter: Roy Reacts to Recruitment

Roy Keane reacts to Recruitment, courtesy of your favourite wolf, Ed Hunter.