Ed Hunter: The Best Way to Quit Your Job

The most sensible advice anyone would give you about quitting your job is DON’T GO OVER THE TOP. Think it out. Plan what you’re going to say. Have another job before you quit. Be honest, just don’t go over the top.


How To Stay Motivated In Recruitment

It isn’t possible to stay motivated all the time. And when it drops, it can feel like something’s gone wrong with you and recruitment. Motivation needs topping up. Constantly. Usually daily. And doing so can keep you from burning out in the long run. Here’s how.


The 10 Best Questions To Ask At Interview

Apart from cocking up the handshake at the start, the questions at the end of interviews can be the nerviest bit. So here are 10 of the best questions for Recruiters to dish out to in-process candidates as well as use during their own job searches.


How to Make Someone Like You, In Seconds

You can’t do much in 90 seconds. You couldn’t make a cup of tea. You couldn’t listen to a song. Nor, despite your insistence to the contrary, read a CV. There’s almost nothing you could do in 90 seconds that would impact your career. But you could make someone like you. That is, someone you’ve just met, at, say a business meeting.


Ed Hunter: Stealer of Staff

There’s a certain amount of irony to be had in a recruitment company begrudging you from “stealing their staff”. Nonetheless, that’s the strange situation I found myself in recently. This because I sent a note to a mate asking how things were going. His boss saw the message. And in no time at all I found myself knee deep in an argument with someone I’ve never met.


What’s The Point Of Posting On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s become a bin for a handful of supremely dedicated bullshit merchants “influencers” to peddle stories they’ve either plagiarised or fabricated. Micromanagement’s bad. Caring’s good. Hire whoever’s soaking wet because they walked to the interview in the rain. And it never really gets more complicated than that. Except there’s an uplifting anecdote attached. And it’ll contort your toes. Not least because it’s picked up over a thousand likes in a matter of hours. But because of who the hero is. That’s right. You’ve guessed it. It’s them.


Equity in Recruitment: What’s it Worth?

Equity can look like a fantastic deal, and in many cases it is. But it can equally be quite a complex subject that needs research before you accept any offer put in front of you.


9 Reasons You Should Never Relocate Abroad

Travelling. Seeing the world. Broadening your horizons. Experiencing life in other parts of the world. What an annoyance. Here are the biggest signs you shouldn’t be looking at a job abroad.


Ed Hunter: An Advertisement for Recruitment

I had a rant at shit ads on LinkedIn this week. Mainly because I’m bored of seeing ‘fantastic opportunity’ a thousand times a day. But also, because ads aren’t difficult. Here’s a tip… think about who’s reading them. Why would they they think it’s a fantastic opportunity? Because if you don’t know, you probably shouldn’t be a recruiter. To prove how easy it is, I’ve redone some old classics.


How To Bill A Million Pounds

Million pound billers are like white whales in recruitment. Rare. And with increasing numbers of Hunted partners fostering not just one or two, but several, 7 figure billers, I asked them how they’ve built an environment where high performers evidently flourish. And the answer’s surprisingly simple.