Ed Hunter: 11 Jobs that Need CVs in 2017

This article is with you, the reader, in mind. Never let it be said that I’m self-serving. Below I’ve highlighted some opportunities for YOU to take advantage of. Spec a CV in to these jobs and you’ll start the year just swimmingly.


Discretionary Bonus: What’s the Deal?

The more effort you put into recruitment, the more you get out of it. Generally speaking. It’s one of the most meritocratic industries out there. This is why you see a direct correlation between Consultants who spend a long time at one company billing huge numbers.


Recruiter Hacks: Recruitment Writing Special

There are many skills you need to be a top Recruiter. Due to the media channels you’ll be using day in day out, it’s less likely the only avenue you’ll be selling on these days is the phone. To be able to truly engage your network, advertise jobs, get buy in, sell over email, develop business… you need to be great at writing.


The Recruitment Clinic: How to get a new house

Welcome back to the Recruitment Clinic. The best place for giving your recruitment career the shot in the arm it needs. I thought I’d start this year with a little story from the Clinic household this Christmas. Having been in the business for 17 years now, I find it hard not to find recruitment parallels … 


Ed Hunter: Recruiter STRIKE

Talks boiled over yesterday at the general meeting of the Recruiters Union chaired by industry kingpins. Unfortunately several key issues remained unchallenged and the motion for a global recruitment strike has now been carried.


How to Holiday in Recruitment

Whether you’re currently working for a company that offers “unlimited holiday” or has a heralded new policy that allows you to carry time over from one year to the next, you’re probably not taking enough.


5 Great TED Talks for Recruiters

Many of you will have heard of TED Talks. The non-profit organisation TED has been around for some time. It’s motto is: “fostering the spread of great ideas.” Here are some of the best TED talks for Recruiters.


The Best Recruitment Morning Routine

Setting yourself up for the best start in the morning is something that will differ from person to person. You may be a single mother trying to get three kids off to school and then start your, typically busy, commute into your recruitment job.


Ed Hunter: The GIF of Recruitment Humour

Coming back into recruitment after the new year can feel like someone’s swapped your brain for that of a recent school leaver. What’s that black box on my desk? Why does it insist on ringing constantly? What’s a ‘database’ and why does everyone else in here seem to know what they’re doing? Hang on, wasn’t I top biller last year?


Recruiter Hacks: New Years Evolutions

Last year we were committed to bringing you the latest and greatest hacks for your Recruitment job. In case you weren’t with us last year, or simply haven’t read them. Do. They’ll help you. It’s now 2017, and the Recruiters who know how to yield the latest in technology to aid and assist their day to day life will be the ones who win.