What Does “Industry Leading” L&D Mean?

Most recruitment agencies use the phrase “industry leading” to describe their L&D function. Now there’s no way that’s true for all of you. So what does an industry leading L&D programme really look like?


Work for a Well Established Recruitment Brand

Working in a well established recruitment agency will improve your day to day.

When a company has been running 10+ years and built their brand and reputation up in their niche, their employees reap the benefits.


Productivity Hacks: Time Management Special

The most common New Years resolutions are about reclaiming, or making the most of, our time. So here are the best apps and programs to do just that in 2019. From distraction blockers to automation tools, it’s all here.


Do You Care About Retention?

Core values. Empty promises that look good written on the wall? Or the key to unlocking a new level of retention – and all the revenue that comes with it? Do you care either way?


Never Lose A Client Again

The Service Recovery Paradox is where customers are more impressed with a brand after an error’s been fixed than if nothing had gone wrong in the first place. Here’s how you can use it to keep more clients, making you more money in the long run.


Recruitment Agencies for Gym Goers

Everyone knows exercising is a good idea. That’s not a new concept.

The physical and cognitive benefits are covered extensively across the internet, in magazines, at the doctors, by your nan at the dinner table.


How I Changed Career And How You Can Too

When I was young, I dreamt of being a writer. One of those pipe dreams I thought would never happen. Especially as it was one of many pipe dreams I had. Being a musician was one. If I could work out how to do it without being famous. Snowboarding another. But as handy as I was when I was 16, I had more chance of winning the lottery. And I never bought a ticket. Before long the dream was dead and buried.


Why Your KPIs are Outdated

‘Key Performance Indicators’ in recruitment have a purpose. They indicate the performance of the individual. On an overwhelming basis, the best indicator for this metric is the financial performance on the sales board. Some recruitment companies will have certain KPIs that are regimented and universal to every consultant in the company. This is possibly the least strategic sales approach going in the industry today.


TED Talks for Recruiters: New Year’s Resolutions

Here are some TED Talks that will help you achieve more. The most common new years resolutions focus on learning, being happier, less stressed, reading more and of course exercise. The below will help in all of those endeavours.


Before You Pick up the Phone in 2019, Read This

If you kept up with us last year you’ll know there’s a raft of content from Hunted all designed to assist with your job. Have a refresh if you’ve not seen it. But, 2018’s over. Whether you billed brilliantly in the last twelve months or didn’t, it’s time to look forward at 2019 and welcome it with open arms. Because before you can blink, we’ll be looking back at this year too. So you may as well be prepared.