The New Australian Visa Regulations for Recruiters in 2018

A short while ago, I wrote an article that prophesied the beginning of the end for ex-patriot recruiters wanting to emigrate to Australia. Changes were afoot that would make the Visa process impossible. Not just difficult, as they were before. The barriers of entry to live in most countries seem to be getting higher. Or just replaced with a wall. That in itself is perhaps justifiable as governments struggle to keep up with the thorny issue of immigration.


Ed Hunter: “Do NOT Contact Line”

Chances are as you’re reading this you’re relatively busy. It’s Jan after all. And January in recruitment has always been a winner. You’ve got a mixture of new budgets agreed and all the clients who absolutely promised they’d hire before Christmas. And obviously didn’t. One such client became an ex-client in the festive season just gone. After an email chain went awry.


6 of The BEST Commission Structures in Recruitment

If you joined your agency as a Grad and progressed up the ranks only knowing the existence of one commission scheme, you might think you’re sitting pretty. But just imagine, finding out if you’d worked for another firm, you’d have doubled your commission, with the exact same billings. Not only that but you’d have travelled to some of the finest locations in the world and had benefits unheard of at your current firm. Our first advice is this, don’t fret. It’s happened. There’s no way of you changing the past. But you can change the future.


What To Do If You HATE Business Development

The UK is a recruitment market built on a 360 degree practice. That is, someone who performs business development (BD) and then speaks to the candidate for the role that needs filling. There are circular analogies galore in recruitment, and a 360 degree Consultant is someone who’ll be working full circle, spinning a lot of plates.


How to Make Someone Like You, In Seconds

You can’t do much in 90 seconds. You couldn’t make a cup of tea. You couldn’t listen to a song. Nor, despite your insistence to the contrary, read a CV. There’s almost nothing you could do in 90 seconds that would impact your career. But you could make someone like you. That is, someone you’ve just met, at, say a business meeting.


The Recruitment Dress Code

The argument over what a Recruitment Consultant should wear in an office is one that gets people very heated. Historically, the industry dress code has been seen as relatively strict, and dare I say ‘uniformed’ in its approach.


The Immediate Future of AI in Recruitment

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already worked its way into our daily lives. Whether you ask Siri to wake you up or whisper to Alexa to get rid of this song. Most banks automate their fraud detection texts. You know, the ones you get when your card gets declined mid-taxi ride from the beach to your hotel. Spam emails get filtered out of your inbox and social networks and now your phone can recognise individual faces in the pictures you upload or take.


Ed Hunter: An Honest Job Ad

Shit recruitment agencies produce shit job ads. Actually they don’t produce ads at all. They produce job specs. And when these job specs are for a job you’re already doing, it’s of little surprise the applications don’t flood in, is it? They simply state the basics of recruiting and hope you hate your own existence enough … 


6 Great Companies for Fledgling Recruiters

So you did it, you got into recruitment. You’re still faaaaairly new at this. You’ve been to a few training sessions held by a Senior Recruiter. Shadowed a couple of client meetings and been let loose on the phones. Four months have passed since the last training session. NOW YOU WANT OUT…


TED Talks for Recruiters: New Year’s Resolutions

Here are some TED Talks that will help you achieve more. The most common new years resolutions focus on learning, being happier, less stressed, reading more and of course exercise. The below will help in all of those endeavours.