Ed Hunter: The Inner Turmoil of a Recruiter

The inner voice. We all have one. Most Recruiters probably think theirs is hilarious. I know I do. I know I’m not alone in staging an eternal battle on my shoulders between an Angel and a Devil. Most days it’s a ruckus that makes McGregor Vs Mayweather look like child’s play.


How To Build Your Personal Brand in Five Minutes a Day

When you spend your days juggling jobs, meeting with clients and candidates, and (we hope) trying to offer a high-quality experience to the dozens of candidates that you are dealing with at any given time, it’s easy to put building your personal brand on the back-burner. But, contrary to popular belief, building your personal brand doesn’t need to be a hugely time-consuming task for recruiters.


Company Brand Vs Personal Brand

A brand (personal or corporate) is quite simply how you distinguish yourself from another. You can delve as far into the detail as you want, but if you’re differentiating from someone else, that’s a brand. There are some people that argue recruitment companies’ brand is merely a logo. It’s not.


Recruitment Clinic: How to Find Your Personal Brand

When I started out in recruitment, like many others, I wanted to emulate the top performers on the floor. The people who everyone else seemed to bow down to. The first billers to get handshakes when the MD was on the floor. These were my role models.


Ed Hunter: Game of Phones Quiz

At the beginning of next week the new Game of Thrones is out. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re a fan. Or you’re an Ed Hunter fan and just don’t want to be recruiting right now. In either of those scenarios we’re kindred spirits. To celebrate the new series, this week’s article details every … 


Recruitment Companies: Large Vs Small

Given the huge choice and variation on offer, what should you consider before choosing? One of the many things you’ll want to contemplate is the size of company you’d fit best into. The size of an organisation in recruitment has connotations at every level, and it’s so much more than the size of their database.


Hunted Worldwide: Orlando

If you’ve not seen this series doing the rounds yet, you can catch up here. Today we head over to Orlando, Florida with Spencer Ogden. Home to Mickey Mouse, some of the biggest rollercoasters in the world and a recruitment market that’s providing far more ups than downs.


Recruitment Clinic: 7 Rules of the Business Relationship

How many recruitment businesses talk about partnerships? Mutually beneficial, staffing relationships? Beautiful, two way, recruitment love-ins, where the business is almost an afterthought, because you’re all so busy just enjoying each other?


Ed Hunter: Rules for Recruiters

I currently work for an agency that’s forward thinking, progressive and has a great culture. But it hasn’t always been like this. Pretty much every Recruiter in the world I would wager, at some point has worked for a pile ‘em high, pay ‘em low agency. Maybe it was your first job? You probably didn’t know any better.


How to Tell a Story: The Most Crucial Skill in the World

I’d like to tell you a story. In fact, everyone wants to tell you a story. You see, being able to do so, is the number one most crucial skill you can have as a person. As a Recruiter, being able to tell a story is an even more important skill, than a lot of other careers.