How to Work From Home Without Going Mad

You ever find it’s the most surprising life events have the most profound repercussions? It’s never the stuff you plan, the things you work for or meticulously plot in detail. When I look back, the surprises have done the most to me. At the top of my ‘Things I Didn’t Expect’ list, would be a daft pedestrian stepping in front of me two years ago, cycling to work.


10 Easy Ways to Make Your Office Greener

We’re heading back to the office, and we’ve never been happier to say that! One of the impacts of COVID-19 has been pandemic plastic (and for good reason, to protect our health).


The Hottest Embedded, In-House and On-Site TA Agencies HIRING Now

Embedded, in-house and on-site Talent Acquisition’s rather taking off. If it seems like there are more agencies than ever offering their own brand of on-site solution.


How to Measure Your Employer Brand

We’re big on helping recruitment companies succeed at Hunted. In fact, that’s basically all we’re about. Which is good news for you. A large part of your company’s success hinges on your brand.


How Not To Lose Your Entire Team in 2021

I’ve hosted a bi-weekly roundtable for a small select group of thought leaders across the recruitment industry.

The results of these conversations has been getting an incisive insight into the industry.


Why You Can’t Hire And Why Staff Keep Leaving

There’s an awful lot of recruitment companies in existence. More so than ever before. In fact around 8,000 more UK businesses that’ve formed since Jan 2020 apparently. That means choice.


Five Ways to Become Anti-Fragile

Do you know what the opposite of fragility is? It’s not robustness or strength. If something’s robust it will be less fragile, but the opposite would mean something that actually benefits from stress and harm. Something that should be mishandled.


Why Hiring’s Irrelevant if You Can’t Solve Retention

A lot of agency Founders understand retention’s importance. Some view it as critical a cog as hiring. But there’s a fairly strong argument for it being more crucial.


Productivity Hacks

Hunted’s Productivity Hacks series brings you the latest tech to seriously upgrade your recruitment game. And this month, we’re starting 2020 on the front foot with a selection of tools to help you optimise your posts online, a suite of gadgets to wear throughout your recruiting day, a choice selection of handy apps and one proper blast from the past…


Everything You Need To Recruit Remotely

Remote working’s been sprung on the nation. And while there’s been plenty of great recruitment businesses operating remote models to success, for years – including, to a degree, your pals at Hunted – you’ve now got to catch up. Working remotely requires a bit of grit…


TED Talks for Recruiters: Failure

The F word’s a dirty one in Recruitment. Here are five TED Talks that prove it doesn’t have to be. And actually, embracing failure could be key to unlocking even greater success.