What Makes a Great Recruiter in Los Angeles?

What makes a great recruiter in Los Angeles? Is there a formula you can apply which will set you up to succeed? And what tips can you learn from those already doing great stuff in the market?

Today, we’re in the City of Angels, brushing shoulders, digitally at least, with Signify Technology.


Spotlight On Healthcare: A COVID-Resilient Sector

The recent trend of putting your hands together at the bottom of the drive, or hanging out the kitchen window banging pots and pans began, like the virus, in Wuhan. Initially meant to raise the spirits of the perpetually cooped up, it quickly became a way for people at home to show their appreciation for front line workers.


How to Be Considered The BEST of the Best

You don’t need me to tell you about the power of referrals.

You’ll already ask for one after a job well placed. You might even have a few on LinkedIn, proudly displayed like war medals on the lapel of your profile.


Time for Action

It’s inaction that’s got us into this situation. And its the responsibility of the majority, who are not the victims of bias and race crimes, to take action that will impact those in the minority whose actions have been ignored for too long.


Ed Hunter: Questions About The Future

I’ve had a few questions come in to me recently. I guess we’re all pretty worried. What kind of world will we return to? Will there be an industry left? It’s been 84 years since March and things have changed a touch.


Unlocking Extra Effort In Recruitment

I like to start my articles with stereotypical recruitment catchphrases. Especially if I’m about to say something vaguely controversial or contradictory. Previously, I had a go at pinning down what “industry-leading L&D” really means. Today, I’ve had a look at: “You get out what you put in”


Recruitment In COVID-19

The Second World War provided enough motivation for people to realise their healthcare system was insufficient. And Britain became the pioneers of healthcare for all. The National Health Service is a positive force that emerged from the tragedy of WW2. And we’re more thankful for it today than ever before. Positives come from tragic events. The current global coronavirus pandemic may provide the impetus for wholesale positive change to our working world.


COVID-19 Recruitment Industry Survey Results

We surveyed over 180+ recruitment businesses on Hunted, speaking to Business Owners, Managing Directors, Internal Recruiters, Marketing Managers, and Senior Consultants, about hiring during COVID-19. Recruitment agencies across the spectrum responded.


Moore’s Law And The Future Of Recruitment

Moore’s law refers to the rate technology advances, and Recruiters can place themselves ahead of the curve by being aware of one or two things.


TED Talks for Recruiters: Failure

The F word’s a dirty one in Recruitment. Here are five TED Talks that prove it doesn’t have to be. And actually, embracing failure could be key to unlocking even greater success.