We are Hunted.

About us

The biggest hurdle to growth for recruitment companies is finding and hiring recruitment talent. Traditional methods of talent acquisition in the industry are inefficient, and as a result both companies and consultants are missing out on opportunity.

Hunted leverages cutting-edge technology to help recruitment businesses grow more efficiently, and helps recruiters build their careers on their own terms.

Hunted lets you discover, explore and engage with the best companies and opportunities across the globe. You can see past the job description and get full access into the offices, to meet the team and understand what it’s really like to work there.

Our team has a unique combination of experience in corporate recruitment, recruitment to recruitment and recruitment technology. We understand the problem, and it's our mission to build the perfect solution.

We're championing recruiters and the recruitment industry...

Our story

The recruitment industry continues to grow, and demand for recruitment talent is greater than ever. However, the process of moving jobs in recruitment has always been inefficient, time-consuming and costly. With Hunted, we wanted to change that by building a global marketplace that connects talent with companies, and puts recruiters in complete control of managing their own careers.

Hunted is based in London, the most established recruitment market in the world – with a network of talent and opportunities in every other developed market globally. We’re growing rapidly, so if you’re interested in speaking with us about opportunities or partnership, please contact us here.

We're a global marketplace that connects the best recruitment talent with companies.

Meet the team

  • James Silverman
    Co Founder
  • Guy Tam
    Co Founder
  • Tom Wish
    Content Manager
  • Tom Filby
    Content Writer
  • Malte Riesch
    Lead Engineer
  • Alex Minette
    Frontend Engineer
  • Hideo Den
    Mobile Developer
  • Sophie Leon
    Talent Advocate - Team Leader
  • Isobel Stevenson
    Talent Advocate APAC
  • Ben Hopkins
    Senior Talent Advocate
  • Joe Mellor
    Talent Advocate
  • Tom Copeland
  • Sarah Leigh
    Talent Advocate
  • Leila Sajjad
    Talent Advocate
  • Niomi Singleton
    Senior Talent Advocate
  • Nick Simon
    Talent Advocate
  • Carolyn Bond
    Talent Advocate
  • Linda Norris
    Principal Talent Advocate
  • Hishem Azzouz
    Podcast Partner
  • Donna Carolan
    Client Solutions Director
  • Nikita Minocha
    Content Intern
  • Tristan Giblin
  • Darren Leow
    Photographer APAC
  • Fredo
    Head of Leads
  • Ed Hunter
    Our Undercover Recruiter
  • You?
    Want to join the team? Get in touch

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Peer House
8-14 Verulam Street